Code of conduct

Kongoola Ski Club is a family lodge and is operated on community living principals. The values outlined below have been adopted by the Members of Kongoola. All members, guests and visitors must abide by this code of conduct whilst at the lodge.

· Have regard for the lodge and its facilities

· Respect other members and guests also staying in the lodge (this also includes language)

· Have respect for people sleeping when entering or leaving the lodge, particularly in the evenings

· Keep noise to an absolute minimum in the bedroom area at all times

· Members & guests are responsible for any visitors invited to the lodge, all visitors must abide by the code of conduct. Any visitor to the lodge must be accompanied by a member or guest at all times. Visitors must leave the lodge by 11 PM.

· Smoking is not permitted within the lodge

· For the safety of children, please ensure that they have adult supervision at all times

· Don’t allow children to play outside below the lodge

· Encourage children to play in the games room rather than the lounge room

· Ensure that all cooking utensils are cleaned and put away as soon as practicable after use

· Complete your lodge duties on the prescribed day

The lodge Manager has the full support of the committee to enforce this code of conduct, any person not abiding by the code of conduct may be asked to leave and forfeit any accommodation amounts of money paid.

For the purpose of this document the terms:

‘Member’ refers to Full Member, Family Member and Social Member.

‘Guest’ is a person that has paid to stay at the lodge.

‘Visitor’ is any other person visiting the lodge