About Kongoola

Established 40 years ago, Kongoola was formed to promote and encourage participation in snow sports and other alpine activities. It was built entirely by the members in the mid-1970s and is currently owned and maintained by about forty members. The lodge is managed by a committee representing the members whose prime objective is to provide you with quality accommodation whilst you enjoy your stay. The members are proud to be able to share their lodge with you.

Located in Mt Hotham’s picturesque Davenport Village area and within easy walking distance of the General Store, Kongoola provides quality lodge-style accommodation to its members and guests at an affordable rate.

Kongoola Ski Club is non-smoking, self-catering/clean as you go (including a duty roster) communal lodge accommodation.  Complete with a large modern kitchen, shared dining and living areas, and a separate games room complete with an interchangeable pool table and tennis table. It is centrally heated and has a drying room, ski store, and laundry complete with a washing machine and dryer. Wireless internet access is also available whilst during winter an on-site manager is on hand to assist you with your stay.

As this is a club lodge, some light duties are required to be completed by guests to help chip into the running of the lodge. Typically these are around 15mins every second day and can be found on the back of each room door. All bedrooms must be vacuumed and ensuites must be cleaned upon departure.

Towels and bed linen are required and can be hired through the manager. The fee for this arrangement will be added to the room booking.

Kongoola membership

Kongoola is a family-based club owned and run by its 41 members who all hold an equal equity share. We pride ourselves on a friendly culture which is maintained by all members being referred by another member. 

The benefits of being a member:

  • Members are offered a priority booking period ahead of their guests and the public.
  • Members, their preferred guest (usually spouse or partner) and children enjoy member rates to stay at the lodge.
  • Members have their own ski locker and storage locker under the lodge.
  • Members own and maintain the lodge; so take pride in it and the club’s family, social, inclusive culture.
  • A committee governs the club; all members have the opportunity and are strongly encouraged to serve on the committee.
  • Members have a say in how the lodge is managed, maintained and improved.
  • Memberships can only be bought and sold via the club. All prospective members must be nominated by an existing member, and then interviewed by committee members to ensure Kongoola is the right fit for both parties.
  • Members & their guests can use the lodge year-round subject to bed availability & summer maintenance. In summer there is a minimum spend to cover running costs.


What being a member involves:

  • A membership fee and an initial one off joining fee are upfront costs, which total around $10000. The membership fee is repayable if you resign from the club. Subscription and accommodation booking levy costs also apply annually.  The levy is a credit towards bookings of the member or their guests make to encourage active usage of the lodge.
  • All members are required to complete a work party/summer maintenance each year. This is generally two days per member, per year, but may vary depending on maintenance / building requirements. If a member can’t attend a typical two-day work party they can pay a fee in lieu of attendance.
  • When staying at the lodge, members are expected to make all guests welcome
  • Members are expected to set an appropriate standard of behavior, including completing allocated cleaning duties and other tasks as required.
  • Members must follow club rules at all times, including booking all accommodation via the Kongoola Online Booking System (KOBS).


Interested in becoming a member ?

  • The cost of joining Kongoola is just under $10,000.
  • Please note a Kongoola membership is held by one person only and cannot be held by a couple, family, or syndicate.
  • If you are interested in seeking membership, the best way forward is to reach out to a member while you are staying at the club – so you can have a discussion while you are on the mountain and in the Lodge.
  • Full details of up-front and ongoing costs can be explained if you email the Club Secretary.