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Cancellation rules

Kongoola Ski Club CANCELLATION RULES 2019


            Cancellation Policy is only applicable to Winter Ski Season bookings.

Cancellation Policy



75% refund for all cancellations if made more than 21 days before arrival.

** No portion of the Booking Levy is refundable



** Refunds for winter bookings are returned after the ski season






Bookings are not transferable (name or dates) without the prior consent of the Booking Officer, who maintains a waiting list for late cancellations.

In the event of cancelled beds being re-booked, a 90% refund will be applicable.  If replacement bookings are proposed by the Member, a 100% refund will be applicable.

          On no account will refunds be payable for bookings not used in the event of the access roads being impassable, lack of snow or ski-lifts not operating.