2020 What’s happening??

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2020 What’s happening??

At the time of writing, noon Thursday, this this what we know/don’t know!

Kongoola will remain closed to guests and holidaying members until we have clarity on how shared accommodation will work at Mt Hotham.

That the Mt Hotham ski lift company has not yet issued an update on lift operation, tickets etc. for the 2020 season indicates that they are still formulating plans as to how it will work ….??

The following summary was received last night from the HAS

“Some of the unknowns as to how it will work at Mt Hotham include:

· Will there be overall limitation of visitors who can visit Hotham at any one time, Buller have already eluded to this

· What are the constraints on Lifts operating queues and chairs

· What constraints will be required for Accommodation (included shared Bathrooms and Kitchen Areas).

· What constraints will be in place for Food and Beverage, Village Buses and General Services?

Covid-19 Restrictions and Protocols

The KSC committee is receiving updates from the Alpine Resorts Industry Group (ARIAG) an advisory group to the Victorian Government. The group is comprised of representatives from all Victorian Alpine resorts, including lift companies, chambers of commerce, ratepayers, disabled winter sport, snow Australia, snowsports industries Australia, and stakeholder representative bodies, including the HSA.

ARIAG is currently working on guidelines and protocols to meet the restrictions, with the view to drawing up a set of Covid-19 Safe Guidelines. It is a complex matter, particularly as the goal posts keep changing, but the group is working very hard to have this completed in the next week or so.”

As soon as these guidelines have been approved and published, your committee will be meeting to assess if it is viable to open the Lodge and if so develop Kongoola’s own Covid-19 Safe Plan drawing on these guidelines.

Ian will be coordinating some further maintenance work required prior to opening the Lodge for this season. Access has been severely limited this year with the Bushfires and then Covid closing Mt Hotham by the State Government so we are not yet ready for guests.

If you have any question or suggestion please contact Rick Thorpe president@kongoola.com Andy Hill vp@kongoola.com Craig Fox Secretary@kongoola.com

Rick Thorpe

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